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Merchant Onboarding Process

Quaife has a vast network of agents. For this to be scaleable we issue all agents with logins to our Agent Portal.


Agent Portal article:


Merchant Onboarding Process 

  1. Submit Merchant Pre-vet from the Agent Portal
  2. Quaife's system generates a ZenDesk ticket email
  3. The Onboarding Team will reply with a pre-approval and anticipated monthly commission figures
  4. The agent is requested to provide merchant email addresses to sign our online agreement
  5. Once signed, Quaife will request the Agent gathers specific KYC document as per the appropriate payment service
  6. Quaife's Integration Team will liaise with the merchant's developers to start the integration process
  7. Once the MIDs come in, we update the Payment Gateway and perform a few test transactions using real cards
  8. A welcome letter is sent out and the merchant is live


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