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DevCode (PaymentIQ) Config

This guide is to assist merchants when configuring their Quaife MIDs within their DevCode (PaymentIQ) Payment Gateway.


Once MIDs have been issued, the Quaife Operations Team will email you the following MID credentials needed to configure DevCode:

  • Username
  • Password
  • API Key
  • Secret Key

Within the DevCode system, kindly select QuaifeConfig from the list of PSP.


A server endpoint will also be provided.

Test Cards

 Card Number  Issuer
 4387751111111111  Visa
 5442987111111111  MasterCard
 371000911111111  AMEX
 4056850111111111  Visa
 5130113111111111  MasterCard
 36005131111111  Diners Club
 3535111111111111  JCB
 6221701111111111  LivaKash
 4580000000000000  Visa
 5326140000000000  MasterCard
 91000000  IsraCard

* Use any future expiry date with these test cards.
** For American Express, pass any four digits as CVV2.
** For other credit card types, pass any three digits as CVV2.

Controlling Reply

Use the following amounts to cause either approval or various declines:

 Amount  Response
 0.04  Error 1001: Soft Decline (Call)
 0.05  Error 1002: Insufficient Funds
 0.90  Approved with 5 second delay
 0.91  Approved with 10 second delay
 0.92  Approved with 20 second delay
 0.93  Approved with 30 second delay
 0.94  Approved with 40 second delay
 0.95  Approved with 50 second delay
 0.96  Approved with 60 second delay
 0.97  Approved with 70 second delay
 0.98  Approved with 80 second delay
 0.99  Approved with 90 second delay
 55.3  3D secure simulator - this will return 533 and redirect Url to complete a transaction
 1.00 +  Approved

* Enabled only after all data being sent are in the correct format and length
** Specifying any other amount will cause reply 596 (Integration mode – incorrect charge amount)

Any questions, please email or reply to your integration ticket from

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