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Quaife Gateway User Types

User Rights and Roles

There are several user roles with corresponding access rights, assigned to each contact.

For detailed descriptions, as specific information from your account manager or email


Role Name

Summary Description

Account Access


Full access for My preferences, Transactions and Transaction details sections. Access for Analysis, Batch processing and Blacklist menus.

Accounting Global


Allows My preferences, full Transactions view, Transaction Details and Analysis, also Blacklisting; does not allow configuration.



Allows only analysis, read rights, summary view and export; does not allow configuration or actions.



Allows only analysis, list view, refund (RF) and reversals (RV); do not allow aggregated view or export.

Callcenter Restricted


Allows only analysis and list view; does not allow aggregated view, export or actions.




Full admin rights, except user full account view



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