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Card Brand Detection

The brand detection feature automatically detects the brand for credit card numbers when no brand has been sent into the system. That means that the transaction gets processed although the brand is missing.



The mechanism detects only the processing network name of credit or debit cards. That means, for example, a credit card number of a 'Visa Electron' card will return with 'Visa'. The following table shows the current mapping of the detection mechanism: 



Important: The mechanism tries to detect the processing network (see table above) by only analysing the card number. Due to the simplicity of the algorithm, a 100% detection rate is NOT guaranteed. Whether this is sufficient depends on your use case. For example, when the shopper doesn't have to select the brand during check out, your conversion might increase. On the other hand, you might get higher charges per transaction from your acquirer for not providing the brand as specified on the card. 

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